Practice assignment #1 — photographing an individual at work: Artist and teacher


The art studio was atmospherically dark, as students charcoal sketched a live model to the sound of quiet music playing in the background. There seemed to be a multitude of artistic photographic shots available to me with reflections of stark light and dark, and including a model taking artistic pose and the creative intensity by the students. But, I struggled through the entire shooting of this final set of the first practice assignment to capture people at work.

The challenge for me was the combination of dark lighting with the moving object, because the teacher roamed around the class. This, also combined with a limited ISO of 800, with manual controls, as per the first two sets of this practice assignment. I tried every imaginable configuration on my camera and I could not get clarity in the pictures, or a more appropriate exposure.

Furthermore, the model asked for consideration for me not to post all pictures of her on the Internet as she was posing without clothes, except those that either hid her face if frontal or showed only the shape of her form. I did not mind this restriction, but it required being additionally creative as well.

I did learn from this exercise. Every picture taken helps me get closer to better command of the camera. I will try again under similar conditions to overcome the block.

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