Practice assignment #2 for street photography: Paddy’s Pub

Paddy's Pub in France

Paddy’s Pub in France

Paddy’s Pub is the village meeting place in Ferney Voltaire, France. I used to frequent it for dinner with my partner when I lived there locally. Families with their children, after-work crowd, locals, expats, all go there. Both English and French are spoken and it has a friendly vibe with occasional live music.

I first approached the bar owner and the two servers for permission to take pictures and they encouraged me to go ahead. At first, all three were shy, but they soon warmed up and started having fun being photographed and made conversation with me during my time there. As for the patrons, the majority tolerated being photographed and a few even walked up to me and asked about what I was doing and offered to buy me a beer. One woman politely asked not to be photographed, and finally one other woman was adamant about not being photographed. I assured the concerned woman on three occasions that she would be in no photos, but she acted bothered by me being there. Since her two friends were friendly, posing for the camera and having fun, and even offering me a beer, she let it go.

Like the other assignments, I was required to photograph in manual controls, black and white, with a limited ISO and a fixed lens no higher than 50mm.

I chose 28mm for this assignment. And for this setting, I was allowed to go as high as 1600 ISO, which was necessary in this dark bar. I tried using hyper focus pre-set of 28mm at F16, but found that a lower F-stop was needed if I was going to achieve an acceptable exposure. Yet, if I took the F-stop too low it made it challenging to get a clear picture. Therefore, I often opted for the darker picture but clearer image technically.

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